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Partaking of Christ’s Fullness
By Jonathan Edwards

"[He was] made a curse for us . . . that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith" (Galatians 3:13-14).

The blessedness of the redeemed consists of partaking in Christ's fullness, which consists in partaking of that Spirit which is given not by measure unto Him. That good which Christ provides is both full and diverse. Here all sorts of good are procured for fallen man that he needs, but is not capable of providing. We are very needy creatures—full of needs; but they are all answered here. Every craving of our nature is exactly answered.

We stand in need of peace with God. We had provoked God to anger. His wrath abode upon us, and we have in Christ's work pardon of sin and deliverance from hell fully purchased for us.

We need to have the favor of God, to have God not as our enemy but our friend. Now God's favor is purchased for us by the righteousness of Christ.

We need to have some satisfying happiness bestowed upon us. Man has a natural thirst and craving of a vast extent. Nothing but an infinite good can fill and satisfy his desires.

We need to see the person upon whom our love is set. Merely to hear of the person does not satisfy love. Now we see God, the object of our supreme affections. We desire to converse with those we love. Provision is made for this also, that we should have spiritual communion with God.

We desire also to dwell with those we love. Through Christ it is purchased and provided that we should dwell with God in His own house in heaven, forever in His presence.

Adapted from "The Wisdom of God Displayed in Salvation" in Our Great and Glorious God, by Jonathan Edwards.



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