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Our Worship

The Central Act of Worship: Preaching
In line with the emphasis of the New Testament, we hold that the faithful preaching of Christ is the central part of Christian worship.

The Bible We Use In Our Services
In carrying on this preaching ministry the Free Presbyterian Church has, throughout its history, used the Authorized (often called the "King James") Version of the Scriptures. We wish to avoid the confusion that arises from the use of many different translations and paraphrases in church services.

The Bible Sets the Standard
We believe that the best way to achieve a Biblical experience of worship is to be governed as to the content of our worship by the Word of God. This is called the regulative principle of worship.

Our Music
The music we use in our worship (whether vocal or instrumental) clearly reveals that we are “new creatures in Christ,” that old things have passed away and all things have become new. We reject the modern-day notion that says in order to reach the world with the gospel, we need to use the world’s music. As a consequence, we make good use of the oldest hymnbook of the Church—the Psalms—as well as the great old hymns of the faith, which are Christ-honoring and rich in doctrine.

The Key to True Worship
We seek to avoid both the deadness of the fixed liturgical form of some churches and the distracting disorder of others. The key to true worship is the ministry of the Holy Spirit. We seek to maintain the liberty to sense and follow the leading of the Spirit, to express the spontaneity and joy of a living relationship with Christ, to convey the solemnity of appearing in the presence of the God of heaven, and to impress upon all present the majesty and mercy of God and the great issues of eternity. We enjoy meeting with one another. Fellowship is a part of worship (Acts 2:42), but most of all we come together to meet with our Lord.

The Lord's Table
That fellowship with the Lord is especially sweet at the Lord's Table. In Presbyterian church history, the communion season has often been the time God has chosen to visit His people with revival. It is the Lord's Table to which we come. It is not a denominational table. All who credibly profess salvation in Christ, are seeking to maintain a pure testimony, and are not currently under discipline for sin in their local church are welcome to participate in services that for many of us are a foretaste of heaven. Here we view our Savior in symbols that point us to the day when we will see Him face to face.

These principles of worship are a condensed version of those found in Separated Unto the Gospel.





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